About Calamsoft

CALAMSOFT is a private technology company that launched to be leading in all area of the technology industry that fit every business needs to inspire the world and create the future. CALAMSOFT was established to build Innovation Technology not only by our nation but international. the company was founded in 2016 we provide reliable services for our customers with innovative products and services designed to match their business needs.

Our Mission

To provide and deliver wonderful product and service to our customers that makes their life better and to stay reliable company all the time.

Our Objective

* To always reach our customers desire
* To always produce innovative product and service
* To enhance research and development department
* To always find smart people

Our Goal

* To communicate and reach the best and loyalty customer.
* To Provide best quality innovative Products and service.
* To hire experienced, and well-trained individuals.

Our Vision

To become International Lovely technology industry and service provider company that make life better.


* Customer satisfaction
* Customer is number one
*Innovative technology production
* Honesty, Integrity, and professionalism
* Flexibility, reliability
* Cooperation and trust
* Smart work and achievement
* Passion and perseverance
* On time work
* Creativity and open mind

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Where We Are

First Street Howlwadag, Ex-taaj building Mogadishu - Somalia

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